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You'll LOVE these 9 Program Pillars

We dig into EVERY section, together, in our group cohort sessions to complement your "just in time learning" with 24-7-365 access to all this course material from Day 1!

  • STRENGTH: Rediscover your innate talents, why you ROCK

  • SOUL-SEARCHING: Define your non-negotiable priorities to work toward what truly matters

  • 90-DAY PLAN: Reverse engineer your path to prosperity

  • ​VALUE BLUEPRINT: Quantify your achievements and align with company goals

  • TESTIMONIALS: Recommendations to grow your status as a respected industry leader

  • RESUME: Redefine your value to bust past gatekeepers

  • ​INTERVIEW: Master your persuasion & negotiation skills

  • ​NETWORKING: Tap into your connections to build your circle of influence & active sponsors

  • ​LINKEDIN: Attract interest with an SEO-rich profile & outreach strategy

9 Modules to Fast-Track Your Success

Join Your Cohort for LIVE Module Review & Q&A

  • 1

    Welcome to Your 90-Day Career Accelerator (Career X)

    • GETTING STARTED: Rock Your 90-Day Career Accelerator (Career X) Updated 121321

    • MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Winter 2022 Career X Schedule and ZOOM Links [PDF]

    • Career X FAQs Updated 121321 [PDF]

    • Rock Your Accountability: Your Daily Nudge from ME!

    • PRIVATE DISCUSSION COMMUNITY - Better than Facebook [VIDEO] Updated 010121

  • 2

    MINDSET: Rock Your Strength

    • INTRODUCTION & ACCESS CODE: Understanding Your Strengths 121321

    • 4 STRENGTH DOMAINS to See How Your Top 5 Show Up in the Workplace. [PDF]

    • Rock Your Strengths & Transferable Skills - Replay and Slides from Jan 18, 2021

    • IMPORTANT: Share your thoughts [2 minute quiz]

  • 3

    MINDSET: Rock Your FOCUS

    • MINDSET: Abundance & Gratitude Meditation [PDF]

    • Your Career GPS [VIDEO]

    • Career Soul-Searching Assessment Training [VIDEO]

    • Career Soul-Searching Assessment - Please download and save BEFORE you complete this [PDF]

    • IMPORTANT: Share Your Thoughts [2 minute quiz]

  • 4

    MINDSET: Rock Your Confidence

    • Harvard Business Review's Negotiation Tips to Rock Your Next Difficult Conversation [ARTICLE LINK]

    • THERESA BYRNE TEDX TALK: The Danger of Your Inner Bully [VIDEO]

    • 13 Things You Should Give Up if you Want to Be Successful [FB LIVE VIDEO]

    • Advice for Ambitious Career Women (and Men): How to Ask for A Raise [ARTICLE]

    • How to quickly free up cash flow: Pat Roque on Chris Mile's podcast, MoneyRipples.com [AUDIO]

    • 10 Toxic People You Should Avoid Like the Plague [LADDERS.com Article]

    • IMPORTANT: Share Your Thoughts [2min QUIZ]

  • 5

    SKILLSET: Rock Your 90-Day Planning

    • How to Rock Your 90-Day Plan [VIDEO + TRANSCRIPT]

    • DOWNLOAD your Rock On Success 90-Day Fast Action Planner [PDF]

    • IMPORTANT: Share Your Thoughts [2min QUIZ]

    • Negotiate like a champ with your 30-60-90 Day New Hire Plan [DOWNLOADS] updated 060121

  • 6

    SKILLSET: Build Your Value Blueprint/Career Transformation Workbook

    • 2021 Career Transformation Workbook & Instructions Updated 020221 [GOOGLE SHEET WORKBOOK & VIDEO]

    • IMPORTANT: Share your thoughts [2 minute quiz]

  • 7

    SKILLSET: Grow Your Influence + Rock Your Recommendations

    • Why Recommendations Matter: Leverage Other People's Glowing Testimonials to Best Tell Your Story [TEXT]

    • How to Give and Receive Killer Recommendations on LinkedIn [VIDEO]

    • Facebook Live Replay: Rock Your Recommendations [VIDEO]

    • IMPORTANT: Share Your Thoughts [2min QUIZ]

  • 8

    TOOLSET: Rock Your LinkedIn Profile & Drive Engagement

    • Featured Expert on LADDERS: 12 Linkedin Profile Killers and How to Fix Them Fast [Article]

    • LinkedIn Secrets - Invisible to Irresistible [VIDEO + DOWNLOAD]

    • LinkedIn Profile Makeover Tune-up 010121 [PDF]

    • LinkedIn Networking Before, During and After Your Next Event Checklist [PDF]

    • IMPORTANT: Share Your Thoughts [2 minute quiz]

  • 9

    TOOLSET: Rock Your Resume

    • 8 Easy Steps to Craft a Killer Resume [TEXT]

    • Resume Templates [TEMPLATE]

    • How to Reply When a Temp Agency Asks for Your Resume [VIDEO]

    • Sample COVER LETTER (Sr Project Management Example)

    • Ximena Banos Guest Lecture: Job Seeker's Perspective on Resume & Cover Letters [PDF]

    • Job Hunting FAQ [PDF]

    • IMPORTANT: Share your thoughts [2 minute quiz]

  • 10

    TOOLSET: Rock Your REConnections/Networking

    • Rock Your (Re)Connections with Virtual Coffee Slides and Training Video [1:03:01 VIDEO]

    • How I grew my tribe? Virtual Coffee [BLOG POST]

    • How to Create a "Virtual Coffee" Using Acuity Scheduling [VIDEO, PDF and IMAGES]

    • Find Cool Events to Speak at or Sponsor [PDF]

    • IMPORTANT: Share your thoughts [2min QUIZ]

  • 11

    Toolset: ACE the Interview

    • How to Ace the Interview & Negotiate Your Value: an Overview of the robust Rock On Success Training [VIDEO]

    • 6 Steps to Effective Interview Engagement [TEXT]

    • Before the Interview Checklist 123120 [PDF]

    • THINKIFIC: How to Dress for the Camera and Prepare for Your Video [0:2:39 VIDEO]

    • Tackling Tough Interview Questions 123120 [PDF]

    • What Should You Do When Asked a Question Where You Are Truly Stumped? [CNBC ARTICLE LINK]

    • 10 Job Interview Confidence Building Tips [BLOG]

    • Questions to Ask Your Interviewer [PDF]

    • Rocking an Online/Video Interview 123120 [PDF]

    • Negotiate like a champ with your 30-60-90 Day New Hire Plan [DOWNLOADABLE SLIDE, PPT, PDF]

    • 8 Things NOT to Do If You Want to Ace the Interview and Land Your Dream Job [BLOG]

    • Management Interview Questions & Answers [PDF]

    • AMAZON Interview Prep Tool: 14 Principles [WORKSHEET]

    • INTERVIEW: Ace the WRITTEN Pre-Interview [Sample Questions] updated 123120

    • IMPORTANT: Share Your Thoughts [2 minute quiz]

  • 12


    • Join our Rock On Success Facebook Group

    • Rock Your Resources: Remote Worker Productivity Booster Pack [SHOPPING LINKS]

    • Rock Your Accountability: Your Daily Nudge from ME!

  • 13

    BONUS Vision Board 2021: Here I Come! (Mini Course)

    • Vision Board: 2021, Here I Come!

    • Replay: Vision Board 2021: Here We Come! [1:21 video]

    • Rock Your Vision Board E-book [PDF]

    • Vision Board Checklist [PDF]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

See How Easy It Is to Get Started, & SUCCEED here!


    9 plus special BONUS sessions (including a special GET IT DONE DAY)


    We suggest you commit 15 minutes a day, or average 3-4 hours per week to your professional development and your faster SUCCESS. Chunk your time, we'll show you how!


    This is the fast-track to a lifelong career elevation strategy. When you put in the focused effort, clients have proven over and over that 90 days is typically enough time to create sustainable momentum and embrace proactive habits. Our clients have landed increases, promotions, new/better roles in 2-3-4 months, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer … The results depend on YOU. It’s a candidate’s market so the environment rewards ACTION TAKERS.


    Sure! Some clients have new jobs and want to ensure they show up as their best self. Others are interviewing and jump right into the negotiations training to ensure they make the most of their life-changing moment. Others are at the beginning, or middle...so it's the right time NOW to ensure you are on the RIGHT track.


    Yes, and while you have 90 days in the live training cohort, you’ll be entitled to updates within this course. Or you can apply credit from this toward an upgraded program such as Mastermind.


    You have unlimited access to your community resources, plus messaging through LinkedIn. We’ll address questions in the live training sessions as scheduled over the 90-day Accelerator. If you want to discuss upgraded VIP concierge services, including our Extreme Career Makeover and Mastermind...apply here to share more info and chat with a career success strategist. www.rockonsuccess.com/apply


    Yes! join the Rock On Success Facebook Group or the discussion group right here inside Thinkific for your course. It's a cohort, so the community ROCKS, too!

  • Is all the content available NOW?

    YES, while most coaches withhold info until paid in full and drip out the content, we’ve decided to give you full access to all the modules at the onset. You get what you need, when you need it, 24/7/365

  • Do I need any special tools or extras?

    We grant you access using our simple online academy using Thinkific software and we use shared Google sheets and documents when you enroll in any private coaching sessions. Note - the strengthfinders assessments are run through Gallup - so you'll have to use the link we provide to log in to take that assessment. It's their rules, but easy and totally worth it!

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