Rock Your Virtual Coffee

Fill your calendar WITHOUT sounding SALESY!

Land Quality Time with Your Ideal Prospect

Connect Live Without Wasting Time or Sounding Salesy

Get comfortable with each other and PREQUALIFY your audience

Why learn the art of the Virtual Coffee?

Forget pushing for discovery sessions or wasting crazy amounts of time driving to see unqualified prospects.

Learn my secrets to scoring a "Virtual coffee" - meaning, 15 or 20 minutes of 1:1 chatting via a LIVE CALL or ZOOM. It's the perfect way to understand the mindset and needs of your ideal potential collaborator or client!

Why should YOU join the hands-on training?

 DECIDE if folks feel like a shared spirit, someone you'll have fun working with

 FILL YOUR CALENDAR automatically with no more stupid back-and-forth "when is good for you?"

 CHERRY PICK & YOU CHOOSE the perfect leads who deserve your response

  Use ACUITY and other free/low-cost resources to make this whole process super fast and easy to set up TODAY 


"Well worth the investment!! I got clarity on my message, my value-proposition and a more authentic and clear way of communicating my brand. Rock-On Pat, you're a superstar!” Mariel Miller 

STOP WASTING TIME or missing out on meeting folks who NEED exactly what you have to share!

Why make this harder than it has to be? I'll spell out EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO DO in this special Land the sales meant just for you...or meet your dream collaborator.


How to Create Personal Engagement with a Virtual Coffee

  • How I grew my tribe? Virtual Coffee [BLOG POST]
  • How to Create a "Virtual Coffee" Using Acuity Scheduling [Video, PDF and Images]
  • How to Use to Create Short Links [VIDEO]
  • Virtual Coffee Social Media Image Samples
  • Pat's Favorite Resource List [Some with AFFILIATE LINKS]

About Your Instructor

Pat Roque

Pat Roque

Speaker, Author, Success Coach

Pat Roque is much more than just a LinkedIn expert. She's a global speaker, career success coach and master connector who uses this valuable tool to skyrocket her success and grow her tribe of loyal collaborators.   It's a key piece of her career development arsenal. In fact, Pat's known as the "rock star transformation coach" because she helps others rock their strength, channel their best assets and share their gifts with the world. When Pat's around, there are no grass ceilings: She teaches folks how to leverage their talents to enhance individual performance and team engagement.

Here's what folks say about Pat's coaching and training: 

"Pat helps us avoid verbal vomit: she teaches how to say just enough to get folks interested and then create a dialogue," John Corcoran 

"Pat Roque delivered absolutely amazing content. More importantly, she really got to the heart and essence of WHY and HOW and WHAT TO DO to brand yourself. When you package yourself well you can give authentically and attract exactly what you deserve in return." Charlie Tao


Relationship Management


Glass Ceiling Prevention


Engagement & Sales

Professional Development


Here is what Michelle Hammons said about this course: "Pat does an amazing job teaching and introducing how Linked In Profinder. She explains how it can help you find professionals you are seeking or clients that may be searching for you! Her nuts and bolts approach is easy to follow with reinforcements to print out and follow. She has great energy while she teaches and also throws in lots of bonus tips so you don't have to learn the hard way. This was very helpful, thank you so much, I am looking forward to implementing what I have learned!"
Michelle Hammons Coach and Founder, Creative Playbook
Fantastic session! I learned so much. Will definitely recommend you and the workshop to others!
Anna Ettin Bank of America
Pat, It was great class to begin with. You have done a very good job on explaining how Pro Finder works and tips on building a great profile.
Jay D Patadia CPA MBA


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