Rock On Success Academy

Rock On Success Academy

Rock Your Career and Your Life with these amazing programs and online courses!


Rock Your Career Transformation

Career Transformation Coach Pat Roque teaches you to assess your priorities and make smarter decisions that set you up for a rewarding next chapter of your career -- on your terms. She'll help you move up, over or move on to live your best life now.


Rock Your Career Potential

Take charge of your career shift to improve mindset, skillset and toolset you'll need for a quantum leap over the next 90 days: Pat Roque's soul-searching system teaches exactly HOW to create a career and life you'll love, attracting your dream role.


Rock On Success Mastermind

Why go it alone when you can lock arms with an amazing, intimate Mastermind group that serves as your Personal Advisory Council. Program includes 1:1 and group coaching, live and virtual events and a 90-day Success System with accountability!


Extreme Career Makeover

Ready for an Extreme Career Makeover? Let Pat Roque help transform your second act into the career of your dreams: take charge of your direction and live your best life now, starting with a 3-day VIP Intensive Retreat in Myrtle Beach, SC!


Rock Your Strength

Stop guessing: leverage data from >17MM to uncover why you ROCK & how to apply your gifts. Let's get you focused, energized and out of overwhelm. get crystal clear on exactly HOW to create a career and life you'll love w/a smart 90-Day Game Plan.


Rock Your Online Course

If you've ever dreamt of putting your big ideas into a course, the time is NOW. Share your genius with the world so you don't have to teach one person or one live class at a time. The solution is HERE. Learn how to ROCK your online course!