Finding and Aligning With Your Life's Purpose

Finding and Aligning With Your Life's Purpose

With Hypnotherapist Rick Reynolds

Your Life Has a Purpose

It's Time to Figure it out!

Your Life's purpose is more than your career.  It's more than your role in a family.  It's a calling.  It's a yearning. It's a stirring deep in your soul. When you find and align with your life's purpose your life gets easier.  You get into the flow.  You move into action.  Procrastination, frustration, stagnation shifts aside and passion and inspiration become the driving force of your life. 

Connect with Your True Self and You'll Know Your Calling

You'll Feel The Certainty

The path to discovering your purpose in life involves becoming your true and authentic self.  Releasing your doubts and fears.  Imagining your potential and possibilities. Then manifesting a life in alignment with your destiny.


Module One - Getting Started


  • Welcome to Finding and Aligning With Your Life's Purpose - Getting Started FREE PREVIEW
  • Finding and Aligning With Your Life's Purpose - Lesson One FREE PREVIEW

Module Two: Who am I?


  • Lesson Two - Who am I? FREE PREVIEW
  • Finding and Aligning With Your Life's Purpose - Lesson Two - Who Am I?
  • Connecting With Your Soul - MP3
  • Creating Your Own Trance

Module Three - Eliminate Fear


  • Lesson Three : Eliminate Fear
  • Finding and Aligning With Your Life's Purpose - Lesson Three: Eliminate Fear
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques

Module Four - Discovering Your Purpose


  • Lesson Four: Discovering Your Purpose
  • Finding and Aligning With Your Life's Purpose - Lesson Four: Discovering Your Purpose
  • Tapping Away the Fear - Review
  • Discovering Your Purpose - Hypnotic Experience - MP3

Module Five - Power of Imagination


  • Welcome to Module 5 - The Power Of Imagination
  • Finding and Aligning With Your Life's Purpose - Lesson Five: The Power of Imagination
  • Waterfalls of Abundance - Bonus MP3
  • Book Your Free 30 Minute Life Purpose Session

About Your Instructor

Rick Reynolds

Rick Reynolds

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Rick Reynolds is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Reiki Master.  He's a former State Certified Hypnosis Instructor from California's HCH Institute and has been in private practice since 2003.  

He has a bachelors degree in Communication Studies from California State University Sacramento and was a broadcast journalist for two decades before turning to Hypnotherapy.

He is the creator of the "TranceBreaker" process, The "Fear to Freedom Formula", and his powerful "Core Belief Transformation Process".  He's also the author of the soon to be released  "The Magic of Re-Imagination, Stories You Tell Yourself To Heal Yourself".

Rick makes his home among the Red Rocks of beautiful Sedona Arizona.


Know Who You Really Are

Eliminate Your Fears

Connect With Your Soul

Manifesting Your Ideal Life


Rick helped guide me to the truth that was already in me. He helped me face my fears and accept myself unconditionally. It was a much needed and wonderful experience.
Shanita Pardue Soul Adventurer
Rick has truly been a gift in my life. He has helped me through tough times and is now helping me regain my sense of self and guide me to new beginnings.
Sharon Rubin Coaching Client
I knew when I started laughing I had struck GOLD and felt the freedom and forgiveness at last !!!!! THANK YOU Rick !!!!!KUDOS everyone should experience this if they want to get clarity and forgiveness and finally be able to move on in an empowered way in their life !!!! GO FOR IT!!!!!T
Wendy Smith Soul Portrait Artist


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