Course curriculum

  • 1

    Preparing for the Interview

    • Welcome to Rock Your Interview - LINK TO SCHEDULE YOUR 1:1 COACHING [VIDEO]

    • 7 Steps to Craft a Killer Resume [TEXT]

    • Before the Interview Checklist [PDF]

    • Tackling Tough Interview Questions [PDF]

    • What should you do when asked a question where you are truly stumped? [CNBC ARTICLE LINK]

  • 2

    Rocking the Job Interview

    • 6 Tricks to Drive Positive Dialogue: How to Steer Your Interview and Stay On Track [BLOG]

    • 10 Job Interview Confidence Building Tips [BLOG]

    • Questions to Ask Your Interviewer [PDF]

    • Rocking an Online/Video Interview [PDF]

    • 5 things NOT to do if you want to Ace the Interview and Land Your Dream Job {BLOG]

  • 3

    After the Interview

    • How to Ask for What You Deserve [TRIBUNE ARTICLE LINK]

    • NEW: Negotiate like a champ with your 30-60-90 Day New Hire Plan [DOWNLOADABLE SLIDE, PPT, PDF]

  • 4


    • Resume Templates [TEMPLATE]