LinkedIn Profile Makeover Magic: Stand out and shine!

LinkedIn Profile Makeover Magic!

Attract your ideal clients, employees or collaborators with the magic of LinkedIn

Why make success harder than it has to be?

Learn my secrets to makeover your LinkedIn Profile to fast-track your engagement!

You won’t regret it!

Why waste months, or even years, with trial and error when the secrets to success are right here, at the touch of a button? LInkedin is probably my FAVORITE social networking tool, and it's magic is too important to keep to myself. 


"Well worth the investment!! I got clarity on my message, my value-proposition and a more authentic and clear way of communicating my brand. Rock-On Pat, you're a superstar!” Mariel Miller 


STOP WASTING TIME or missing out on meeting folks who NEED exactly what you have to share! Land the sales (or jobs, or recruit the ideal team members) meant just for you!

Why make this harder than it has to be? I've spelled out EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO DO in this special LinkedIn Profile Makeover Magic mini-course. Scoop up this awesome bundle including how-to videos (even my VIP  Rock the Room workshop), worksheets and swipe files so you can easily makeover your profile and build sales momentum. Learn how to:

 TRANSFORM a boring LinkedIn profile into a cutting-edge engagement  tool
✔  Get CLEAR on how to tell your story (no verbal vomit)
STOP CHASING and start attracting your IDEAL clients and colleagues
✔ Shorten the sales (or hiring) cycle with HOT LEADS
✔ Learn EXACTLY what to do before, during and after networking events
✔ Adapt my swipe files to follow up FASTER and close deals NOW!

Wanna know the best part? We made this a no-brainer...This $997 program can be yours today with ONE easy-peasy purchase of just $297 for lifetime access.  (Yes, we keep you updated as they release, a no-brainer!)

Are you successfully LinkedIn...or left out? 

Ready to become a Master Connector?

Sky-ROCK-et Your Success with my PROVEN formula!

Clear communication is the key to leadership success as you grow a loyal tribe. The path to becoming an expert networker takes dedication and time. But if you put your mind to it, you'll have no problem becoming one of the best. Yes, even introverts can take networking (and business development) to new heights with my easy success system. What are you waiting for?

Scoop up this awesome bundle NOW including 3 helpful modules (even my 1 hour, VIP Rock the Room workshop), videos, worksheets and swipe files so you can easily makeover your profile and create the most amazing next chapter of your career!


Welcome to LinkedIn Profile Makeover Magic!

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FREE TRIAL - Rock Your Profile Makeover: 10-Point DIY Tune-up

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Rock Your Connections: The Art of Leveraging LinkedIn & Special Events

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  • Rock Your Connections [Video]
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Rock The Room: Use a Killer Introduction to Attract Your Ideal Client Referrals

  • Rock the Room [Video]

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Rock Your Inbound Leads with Profinder

  • LinkedIn ProFinder - Keys to a Successful Profile

About Your Instructor

Pat Roque

Pat Roque

Speaker, Author, Success Coach

Pat Roque is much more than just a LinkedIn expert. She's a global speaker, career success coach and master connector who uses this valuable tool to skyrocket her success and grow her tribe of loyal collaborators.   It's a key piece of her career development arsenal. In fact, Pat's known as the "rock star transformation coach" because she helps others rock their strength, channel their best assets and share their gifts with the world. When Pat's around, there are no grass ceilings: She teaches folks how to leverage their talents to enhance individual performance and team engagement.

Here's what folks say about Pat's coaching and training: 

"Pat helps us avoid verbal vomit: she teaches how to say just enough to get folks interested and then create a dialogue," John Corcoran 

"Pat Roque delivered absolutely amazing content. More importantly, she really got to the heart and essence of WHY and HOW and WHAT TO DO to brand yourself. When you package yourself well you can give authentically and attract exactly what you deserve in return." Charlie Tao


Relationship Management


Glass Ceiling Prevention


Engagement & Sales

Professional Development


Pat gave us a sustainable, step-by-step approach for people to learn how to work the room, how to feel comfortable networking in the room and how to maximize your time.
John Corcoran President, D'Alessandro Inc.
“The wisdom, insight and experience you share with the attendees was nothing short of inspirational. We have received lots of outstanding feedback from your session.”
Linda Carter Union County NJ Freeholder
It is obvious you’re a master at this. You don’t get that polished by accident.
Xavier LeMond Executive Coach, Entrepreneur


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