Course curriculum

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    Welcome to Rock On Success Mastermind (MM)

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    MINDSET: Rock Your Strength

    • Why Rock Your Strength? [VIDEO]

    • Discovering Innate Talent with Clifton StrengthFinders Ⓡ

    • Rock Your Strength & Drive Employee Engagement [1:05 WEBINAR REPLAY]

    • Sample: Pat Roque's 34 Top Strength Report [PDF]

    • Strength Domains: See How Your Top 5 Show Up in the Workplace. [PDF]

    • Rock Your Strengths & Transferable Skills - Replay and Slides from Jan 18, 2021

    • IMPORTANT: Share your thoughts [2 minute quiz]

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    MINDSET: Rock Your FOCUS

    • Abundance & Gratitude Meditation [PDF]

    • Your Career GPS [0:4:44 VIDEO]

    • Career Soul-Searching Assessment and "How To" Video

    • Career Soul-Searching Assessment - Please download and save BEFORE you complete this [PDF]

    • Leadership Strategy Needs Assessment

    • IMPORTANT: Share Your Thoughts [2 minute quiz]

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    MINDSET: Rock Your Confidence

    • Building a CONFIDENCE Ritual [PDF]

    • Harvard Business Review's Negotiation Tips to Rock Your Next Difficult Conversation [ARTICLE LINK]

    • Theresa Byrne's TEDX TALK: The Danger of Your Inner Bully [0:15:17 VIDEO]

    • Advice for Ambitious Career Women (and Men): How to Ask for A Raise [ARTICLE]

    • 10 Toxic People You Should Avoid Like the Plague [ Article]

    • Money Confidence: Pat Roque on Chris Mile's podcast, [0:26:40 AUDIO]

    • IMPORTANT: Share Your Thoughts [2min QUIZ]

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    SKILLSET: Rock Your 90-Day Fast Action Plan

    • How to Rock Your 90-Day Plan

    • Negotiate like a champ with your 30-60-90 Day New Hire Plan [DOWNLOADS] updated 060121

    • DOWNLOAD your Rock On Success 90-Day Fast Action Planner [PDF]

    • IMPORTANT: Share Your Thoughts [2min QUIZ]

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    SKILLSET: Build Your Value Blueprint: Career Transformation Workbook

    • 2021 Career Transformation Workbook & Instructions Updated 020221 [GOOGLE SHEET WORKBOOK & VIDEO]

    • IMPORTANT: Share your thoughts [2 minute quiz]

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    SKILLSET: Grow Your Influence + Rock Your Recommendations

    • Why Recommendations Matter: Leverage Other People's Glowing Testimonials to Best Tell Your Story [TEXT]

    • How to Give and Receive Killer Recommendations on LinkedIn

    • IMPORTANT: Share Your Thoughts [2min QUIZ]

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    TOOLSET: Rock Your Resume

    • 8 Easy Steps to Craft a Killer Resume [TEXT]

    • Resume Templates [TEMPLATE]

    • Job Hunting FAQ [PDF]

    • Resume ATS Workaround: How Lynn Landed Her Dream Job in < 2 Months [Video]

    • How to Reply When a Temp Agency Asks for Your Resume [VIDEO]

    • Sample COVER LETTER (Sr Project Management Example)

    • Ximena Banos Guest Lecture: Job Seeker's Perspective on Resume & Cover Letters [PDF]

    • IMPORTANT: Share your thoughts [2 minute quiz]

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    TOOLSET: Rock Your LinkedIn Engagement

    • LinkedIn Secrets - Invisible to Irresistible [0:48:37 VIDEO REPLAY + SLIDE DOWNLOADS]

    • LinkedIn Profile Makeover Tune-up 010121 [PDF]

    • Featured Expert on LADDERS: 12 Linkedin Profile Killers and How to Fix Them Fast [Article]

    • IMPORTANT: Share your thoughts [2 minute quiz]

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    TOOLSET: The Art Of Rocking Your Connections/Networking

    • Rock Your (Re)Connections with Virtual Coffee Slides and Training Video [1:03:01 VIDEO]

    • How I grew my tribe? Virtual Coffee [BLOG POST]

    • How to Create a "Virtual Coffee" Using Acuity Scheduling [VIDEO, PDF and IMAGES]

    • How to Find Events to Network, Speak at or Sponsor [Link to PDF]

    • IMPORTANT: Share your thoughts [2min QUIZ]

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    TOOLSET: Rock The Interview

    • How to Ace the Interview & Negotiate Your Value: an Overview of the robust Rock On Success Training [VIDEO]

    • 6 Steps to Effective Interview Engagement [TEXT]

    • Before the Interview Checklist 123120 [PDF]

    • THINKIFIC: How to Dress for the Camera and Prepare for Your Video [0:2:39 VIDEO]

    • Tackling Tough Interview Questions 123120 [PDF]

    • What Should You Do When Asked a Question Where You Are Truly Stumped? [CNBC ARTICLE LINK]

    • 10 Job Interview Confidence Building Tips [BLOG]

    • Questions to Ask Your Interviewer [PDF]

    • Rocking an Online/Video Interview 123120 [PDF]

    • 8 Things NOT to Do If You Want to Ace the Interview and Land Your Dream Job [BLOG]

    • Negotiate like a champ with your 30-60-90 Day New Hire Plan [DOWNLOADABLE SLIDE, PPT, PDF]

    • How to Ask for What You Deserve [TRIBUNE ARTICLE LINK]

    • Management Interview Questions & Answers [PDF]

    • AMAZON Interview Prep Tool: 14 Principles [WORKSHEET]

    • Money Isn’t Everything_ 10 Ideas to Negotiate For What You Deserve in Your New Job Offer [PDF]

    • INTERVIEW: Ace the WRITTEN Pre-Interview [Sample Questions] updated 123120

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    • Is Now the Time for a Career Change? [QUIZ]

    • Entrepreneur's Quiz: Are You Focused on Business Success? [QUIZ]

    • Entrepreneur Mindset: Needs Assessment Tool [DOC]

    • Rock Your Resources: Remote Worker Productivity Booster Pack [SHOPPING LINKS]

    • BONUS: My favorite tools and apps [PDF]