Rock On Success Mastermind

Rock On Success Mastermind

Why make success harder than it has to be?

Take it from Henry Ford: There's no need to go it alone and learn the hard way

Lock arms, embrace fast action and decision making with confidence!

Pat Roque and the Rock on Success Mastermind offers you the best of both worlds: in addition to your 1:1 coaching sessions, you’ll enjoy an exclusive forum for shared learning in an online group setting.  This is the perfect home for high achievers just like you! 

Our Mastermind members call it part business strategy, success planning, accountability and group therapy all rolled into one!

Get ready to run faster, work smarter and move ahead with confidence. Together, our team will help you work on your inner game to manifest more of exactly what you desire in your career and your life.

When it comes to inner game and execution: this comprehensive approach tackles the three important requirements of every quantum leap:  

  1. Mindset: This is where we address the Monkey Mind, the BS that has the power to help you explode, or hold you back. Skyrocketing to new heights in your career requires that you honor yourself. Embrace the fact that you do rock, that you are special and NOW is your time to shine like the rock star you truly deserve! Your gift can impact not only your family and the community but can help change the world. Listen carefully: THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR GIFTS: IT’S YOUR OBLIGATION TO SHARE THEM IN THE BIGGEST WAY POSSIBLE.

  2. Skillset:  This is where we help connect the dots from where you were to who you aspire to become!  As you prepare to shift, be a student. Study your industry of interest, find networking opportunities, attend conferences, learn new skills. Here we get clear on the realities of your dream role and how well you actually align. Honor your best, innate talents to thrive in your zone of genius. 

  3. Toolset: Create a personal brand that shines the spotlight on you as the expert in your niche, creating a demand for your talents and opening doors for grander opportunities. I will help you stop chasing, and start attracting, people and opportunities that rock your world. You’ll rightsize your new role and get back your swagger as we give you the exact words to tell others how you’ll rock their world.

When it is time to say YES to YOU and take action toward your dream role, your best next chapter of your life, I can help.  

During the year, you’ll explore new monthly modules that will empower you to be your best, including learning how to rock your success with topics such as...

  • Strength
  • Focus/Soul Searching
  • Action Plan to Your Dream Career
  • Marketing/Sales Funnel
  • Personal Branding
  • Visibility
  • Online Course
  • Networking
  • Public Speaking
  • Environment
  • Confidence
  • Money Mindset

Content evolves and may vary, but we strongly believe that everyone deserves to rock their personal brand. As the workplace and gig economy continues to morph, we all must bring some entrepreneurial spirit into our roles: 1:1 and group coaching will help you adapt the lessons to your personal needs.  We'll even bring in some guest experts to lead sessions and give your extra added value! 


"Well worth the investment!! I got clarity on my message, my value-proposition and a more authentic and clear way of communicating my brand. Rock-On Pat, you're a superstar!” Mariel Miller 


STOP WASTING TIME or missing out on meeting folks who NEED exactly what you have to share! Land the career meant just for you!

Why make this harder than it has to be? I've spelled out EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO DO and will lock arms to help you build a personal brand to impact those waiting for your gifts!

Our VIP mastermind program includes:

 1:1 Coaching with Pat Roque (up to 4 hours/month at the VIP level) 

✔  Access to guest experts 

✔ Unlimited messaging/email access

 2x monthly group Zoom/virtual meet-ups

 Impactful content modules (released every month)

 Quarterly live event (vision board, brainstorming at the beach, golf for business boot camp, and more fun)

 Annual Retreat - Myrtle Beach in 2019

 BONUS Rock Your Strength program with Online assessment,

 2 reports - Strengths Insights & Themes

 Digital Download & Printed copy Of Rock On Success 90-Day Planner

 BONUS: Signed copy of the Rock On Success 90-Day Planner

✔  BONUS:  LinkedIn Profile Makeover Magic course and Done With You Profile Makeover

BONUS VIP $10K PREPAY Members will get a 1-day Extreme Career Makeover VIP experience. This exclusive 1:1 coaching session is a rock-solid way to accelerate your growth! This is a $10K BONUS ALONE!!!

Spots are limited and you must be interviewed and accepted into the program. Because this is a sacred space of trust and sharing, all members sign a confidentiality agreement that we will respect each others' dreams and privacy to facilitate growth.

Imagine the Power of Collaboration with your Personal Board Of Directors?

Collaborative thinking is key

Participation in the Rock On Success Mastermind empowers you and nurtures your business and your life: It's more than just 1:1 coaching with a 30-year success coach. 

You'll also interact 2x a month with your Personal Advisory Council (your personal Board of Directors).

During your turn in the “FOCUS CHAIR” you’ll share Challenges, Wins and brainstorm your most pressing issue in a safe and supportive growth environment.


Welcome to Rock On Success Mastermind


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Rock Your Strength

  • Why Rock Your Strength? [VIDEO]
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Rock Your FOCUS


  • Abundance & Gratitude Meditation [PDF] FREE PREVIEW
  • Career Clarity & Focus Quiz [PDF]
  • Career Clarity & Focus Quiz [VIDEO] FREE PREVIEW
  • Career Soul-Searching Assessment Training 13:02 [Video]
  • Career Soul-Searching Assessment [PDF]
  • ENTREPRENEURS' QUIZ: Are you focused on business success?
  • IMPORTANT: Share your thoughts [2 minute quiz]

Rock Your Action


  • ENTREPRENEUR's Needs Assessment Tool [DOC]
  • Rock Your Action Planning [VIDEO]
  • Rock On Success 90-Day Fast Action Planner [PDF]
  • IMPORTANT: Share your thoughts [2 minute quiz]

Rock Your Marketing

  • Rock Your Marketing
  • Marketing Skills Overview [DOC]
  • Marketing Quiz [PDF}
  • IMPORTANT: Share your thoughts [2 minute quiz]

[BONUS] Rock Your Profile Makeover: 10-Point DIY Tune-up

  • Rock Your Profile Makeover: 10-Point DIY Tune-up
  • Rock Your Profile LinkedIn
  • 10 Tips to Rock Your Connections [Video]

[BONUS] Rock Your Connections: The Art of Leveraging LinkedIn & Special Events

  • LinkedIn Event Checklist
  • Rock Your Connections [Video]
  • LinkedIn for Events PPT

[BONUS] Rock The Room: Use a Killer Introduction to Attract Your Ideal Client Referrals

  • Rock the Room [Video]

About Your Instructor

Pat Roque

Pat Roque

Speaker, Author, Success Coach

Pat Roque is much more than just a LinkedIn expert. She's a global speaker, career success coach and master connector who uses this valuable tool to skyrocket her success and grow her tribe of loyal collaborators.   It's a key piece of her career development arsenal. In fact, Pat's known as the "rock star transformation coach" because she helps others rock their strength, channel their best assets and share their gifts with the world. When Pat's around, there are no grass ceilings: She teaches folks how to leverage their talents to enhance individual performance and team engagement.

Here's what folks say about Pat's coaching and training: 

"Pat helps us avoid verbal vomit: she teaches how to say just enough to get folks interested and then create a dialogue," John Corcoran 

"Pat Roque delivered absolutely amazing content. More importantly, she really got to the heart and essence of WHY and HOW and WHAT TO DO to brand yourself. When you package yourself well you can give authentically and attract exactly what you deserve in return." Charlie Tao


Relationship Management


Glass Ceiling Prevention


Engagement & Sales

Professional Development


Pat gave us a sustainable, step-by-step approach for people to learn how to work the room, how to feel comfortable networking in the room and how to maximize your time.
Paul Abramson Solar Energy Strategic Sales Expert
"Thank you for putting my feet to the fire...every day I know you're there, you're thinking about your people. "
Donna DiMartino Health Benefits Expert, AFLAC
It is obvious you’re a master at this. You don’t get that polished by accident.
Xavier LeMond Executive Coach, Entrepreneur


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