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* Savor work/life integration so you don't have to sell your soul or lose your mind to succeed

* Shatter the glass ceiling

* Strut confidently into situations where you can make an impact

* Apply the strength and leadership plan to foster a more productive, happier and collaborative team

* Create a tsunami of positive change and connectivity to drive morale, career satisfaction, employee retention and referrals

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Hello and welcome to the program, which has evolved tremendously over the past year.

Truth be told, this 1:1 coaching program blossomed in response to the HUNDREDS of folks just like you who've been asking for help. You see, in January Pat Roque became honored as a top recommended LinkedIn ProFinder expert. That's right, LinkedIn decided to send dozens of prospective career, executive leadership and public speaking coaching clients daily to learn and grow in their careers. In response to the high demand, Pat created the Rock Your Career Potential program, which will cover these modules over the next 90 days.  

NOTE that we strive to help you as quickly as possible, and will unlock the modules so you can access exercises and get to what you need --  when you need it.  

You're also welcomed to stack your coaching sessions (total of 4 hours) or spread them out over the 90-days, as needed. 

Important topics you'll cover during your coaching session, via this online course and through homework assigned during the 90-days include:

PART 1: Preparation

  • ROCK YOUR STRENGTH:  leveraging the data of 20 million folks like you to build a fundamental understanding of your innate strengths and talents. That's right, through a 45-minute online assessment, we'll then examine the results and review them in a 90-minute, 1:1 coaching intensive.
  • CREATE A 'YOU ROCK" FOLDER:  Learn how to capture the thank you's, accolades and history of kicking ass so that you feel better. It's time to get organized and to document, in others' own words, why they love working with you!
  • YOUR IDEAL JOB: You'll be taught how to more efficiently conduct a thorough job search - PLUS - how to leverage the language used by your ideal hiring managers to land the job and make them think it's all their idea! Mirroring is key!

Part 2: Update your LinkedIn Profile: Rock Your Personal Brand!

  • WRITE A KILLER SUMMARY: Incorporate the nuggets from your strengths report, dream job homework and recommendations to understand what you are striving for...then together we go on a zoom meeting, share the screen and literally craft your kick-ass profile summary together, in real time!  It's pretty magical watching this all come together!
  • GATHER RECOMMENDATIONS: Make it easier for prospective hiring managers to quickly grasp how they'll feel with you on their team.
  • PHOTO/IMAGERY: Pat will give candid feedback to ensure your profile photo and background image reflect the best version of YOU!  (NOTE: Photo/editing services are often available at our live events..ask if you need help here!)
  • KEYWORD SEARCH: Ensure your profile not only sings to the right audience...but help them easily find YOU.
  • HIGHLIGHT SKILLS: Pat's access to insider info will ensure that you draw attention to the most desired skills that your prospective hiring manager will look for.
  • RESUME & COVER LETTER REVIEW: Provided as we establish a template for your responses. (NOTE: Custom resume writing fees additional.)

Part 3: Smart Outreach

  • DREAM 100: Learn the art of reaching out to the top influencers, guardian angels, friends, hiring managers....using your personal network AND OURS to connect with a real person for feedback or 1:1 mentoring.
  • NETWORK LIKE A PRO: We'll map out a smart, strategic and manageable plan so that you're not running around like a chicken with your head cut off.
  • TAP INTO PAT'S PERSONAL CONNECTIONS:  Pat's network of 8k on LinkedIn has been nurtured over her 30-year career...and you now get to meet key friends who can share a mentoring moment or perhaps introduce you to your next big opportunity. After all, the HIDDEN JOB MARKET is where the action really happens!
  • RECRUITER RESEARCH: As an upgrade option:  tap into our recruiter network and have them create a targeted HIT LIST of your best prospective employers. Get the names, emails and/or phone numbers for key decision makers/hiring managers in your ideal employers. Pricing varies by vertical, geography, # target companies. Starts at $2500...

Together, we will lock arms and put in a concerted effort to help you find your personal path to prosperity and manifest your dream role. This is going to be fun, and exciting. So buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life!

I've got your back!





  • GETTING STARTED: 90 Days to a Career That Rocks Your True Potential
  • Coaching Intake Form [PDF]

Why Start with Focusing on your Strengths?

  • INtRODUCTION: Understanding Your Strengths
  • Why Rock Your Strength? [WELCOME VIDEO 2:11]
  • Rock Your Strength & Drive Employee Engagement [Webinar Replay 1:05:00]
  • Harvard Business Review's Negotiation tips to rock your next difficult conversation
  • ACCESS CODE: Get Ready to ROCK by Completing This Assessment!
  • Share your results in a Google Doc BEFORE our coaching session
  • How to get best results & your fastest WIN with the program

LinkedIn Profile Makeover

  • LinkedIn Profile Makeover Checklist [PDF]
  • Leveraging LinkedIn Before, During and After your Special Event Presentation Deck [PDF]
  • LinkedIn Checklist: What to do before, during and after your next special event [PDF]


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About Your Instructor

Pat Roque

Pat Roque

Speaker, Author, Success Coach

Pat Roque is a global speaker, success coach and master connector who believes you deserve to rock your business and your life without selling your soul or losing your mind.  In fact, Pat's known as the "rock star transformation coach" because she helps others rock their strength, channel their best assets and share their gifts with the world. When Pat's around, there are no grass ceilings: She teaches folks how to leverage their talents to enhance individual performance and team engagement.

Here's what folks say about Pat's coaching and training:

"Pat helps us avoid verbal vomit: she teaches how to say just enough to get folks interested and then create a dialogue," John Corcoran

"Pat Roque delivered absolutely amazing content. More importantly, she really got to the heart and essence of WHY and HOW and WHAT TO DO to brand yourself. When you package yourself well you can give authentically and attract exactly what you deserve in return." Charlie Tao




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I found the course really helpful. I did the strength assessment and was very surprised and encouraged by the results. Pat Roque, the coach who discussed the assessment with me was extremely good. ...

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Off the charts valuable! 5 stars!

From Will Irish

This course was personal, succinct, short, articulate, and visually modeled. Awesome course for anyone that wants to learn a simple system they can set up in under 30 mins to network with others us...

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