Rock Your Golf

Rock Your Golf

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Getting started with golf may seem intimidating, but with Pat Roque's expert guidance you'll be up to speed and having fun faster than you could have ever expected (yes, even BEFORE you learn to play well).  Learn all the business & golf etiquette skills: gain confidence needed to always be prepare and tackle the most daunting situations with ease. Pretty soon, a trip to the golf course will be the best part of your week!

Follow your dreams - there are no GRASS ceilings on a golf course.

You won’t regret it!

The path to becoming an active "golfer" takes dedication and time, but if you put your mind to it, you'll have no problem getting involved for business, for fun and to support your favorite charity. What are you waiting for?


Level 1: The Front Nine


  • Welcome to Rock Your Golf! FREE PREVIEW
  • Meet Pat Roque, Your Success Coach [VIDEO] FREE PREVIEW
  • Rock Your Golf On-Boarding Survey FREE PREVIEW

MODULE 1 – Get Ready to ROCK your World with Golf


  • Women Learning to LEAD On & Off the Golf Course - National Organization for Women TV Show [VIDEO] FREE PREVIEW
  • Simple Tips to Rock Your Plan [PDF]
  • Golf and Your WHY [PDF]
  • MODULE RECAP: Wins, Challenge and Focus for the upcoming 2 weeks

MODULE 2: Focus on Your Goals

  • Your Gifts to the World [PDF]
  • Reflections [PDF]
  • Tips to Rock Your Golf Season [PDF]
  • Milestones & Stepping Stones [PDF]
  • Make Time to Practice & Play [PDF]
  • Tracking Your Progress: Golf Club Distance [PDF]
  • MODULE RECAP: Wins, Challenge and Focus for the upcoming 2 weeks

MODULE 3: Golf & Business, Perfect Together

  • Golf Etiquette [PDF]
  • Golf Terms [PDF]
  • Golf Club Selection [PDF]
  • Gems - Your Ideal Clients and Golf Partners [PDF]
  • MODULE RECAP: Wins, Challenge and Focus for the upcoming 2 weeks

MODULE 4: Shopping Tips/Dress for Success On & Off the Course

  • Golf Equipment Shopping Checklist - With Special Discount from our Sponsor, FREE PREVIEW
  • Million-Dollar Secrets e-Book: Dress for Golf Success [PDF]
  • MODULE RECAP: Wins, Challenge and Focus for the upcoming 2 weeks


  • 50 ROCKS: Life Lessons for Success On & Off the Golf Course E-book
  • Rock Your Golf! 90-Day Planner Digital Download [PDF]

About Your Instructor

Pat Roque

Pat Roque

Golf Ambassador, Speaker, Success Coach

Industry leaders across the globe call Pat the "Tony Robbins of the Golf World" thanks to her motivating and memorable presentations. As a master connector, Pat teaches folks how to appreciate their gifts to the world and attract their ideal clients. She empowers others to rock their career and their life on and off the golf course as a global speaker, success coach, and author.

Why Rock Your Golf? 

Pat Roque was recently named an LPGA #InviteHer global brand ambassador for her efforts empowering women to stop getting left behind and get in the game. She teaches students, executives and entrepreneurs why and how golf can rock their world. NO, she is not a lifelong golf teaching professional. Rather, Pat was an "outsider" who fell in love with golf at the age of 45 (but wishes it was age 4 or 5).

When Pat turned 50, her best friend gave her a box of rocks that were painted gold and labeled with 50 things that make Pat special. This touching tribute sparked Pat's 50 ROCKS: Life Lessons for Success blog, which has blossomed into a booming career shift. One of her rocks says "Plays golf" and it inspires diversity and inclusion messages through her storytelling.

Working with top resorts and certified golf teaching professionals, she inspires others to pursue their passion and rock their world in 90-days. She inspires women to stop getting left behind and rock their leadership on and off the golf course.

Pat's infectious spirit and marketing skills helped grow the Women's Golf Association of NJ to over 600 members. She is leadership and Executive Forum speaker for the ShopRite LPGA Classic, KPMG, Konica Minolta, Healthcare Businesswomen's Association, Women in the Golf Industry, and more.

Pat frequently contributes as an industry expert writer or commentator for Golf Talk Radio, Women in Golf, Golf Business Monitor, Golf Operator Magazine, Women in the Golf Industry, National Organization for Women, and the global golf Grow the Game Initiative. She led the efforts to have June declared Women's Golf Month in her home state of NJ. Pat is married to her favorite golf partner, Alex and has 2 adult children. Together they travel the world seeking great golf courses, beaches and wine. She also hosts "extreme career makeover" retreats and golf programs at her NJ and Myrtle Beach SC locations. For more information visit or

Skills Learned Through Golf








Mrs. Roque was extremely professional, transparent and open to communicating the "Do's and Don'ts" associated with "Golf Etiquette." She also explained how we can utilize our personable skills on and off the golf course to maximize our daily lives. I highly recommend her to teach within a college or professional atmosphere "Golf Etiquette" as well as women's and student leadership. I'm confident that you will enjoy her presentation methodology. She will create a comfortable learning environment regardless of your skill level: beginner, intermediate or advanced.
Devon Laree Young NonProfit Founder
Pat opened up my eyes to new opportunities that I never thought were possible! Coming from a person who has never played golf, Pat has given me the confidence to get out there and be proactive in the golf world. Pat is a talented, hard-working woman who is passionate about being a speaker and motivator to men and women of all ages. I highly recommend her moving, influential lectures to colleges across the country. Pat will open up new doors and new opportunities for you to explore. She was a positive influence on my life and will be a positive influence on yours as well!
Marissa Guilianti Events Executive - NYC area
It's quite obvious that Pat has a passion for golf and for helping others. She has earned her title well "The Tony Robbins of the Golf World." Pat offers her services like volunteering at the LPGA, the PGA Tour, Women's Golf Association of NJ, EWGA and many more events within the industry to help others get in the game.
Ted J. Odorico, PGA Producer, "Golf Talk Live" & "Women of Golf"


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