Rock Your Strength: Thrive in Your Zone Of Genius

Rock Your Strength

Get Ready to Rock Your Strength

Thrive In Your Zone of Genius

You won’t regret it!


* are 3X as likely to report having an excellent quality of life

* are 6X as likely to be engaged in their jobs

* This is the only way to leverage the data of 17 million+ professionals, coupled with the street-smarts of the proprietary Rock On Success system to ensure a great user experience and impact.


* Savor work/life integration so you don't have to sell your soul or lose your mind to succeed

* Shatter the glass ceiling

* Strut confidently into situations where you can make an impact

* Apply the strength and leadership plan to foster a more productive, happier and collaborative team

* Create a tsunami of positive change and connectivity to drive morale, career satisfaction, employee retention and referrals

Rock Your Strength & Leverage your 5 top Talents

Live in your "sweet spot" doing what you do best!

What's included: 

Option 1:  Rock Your Strength $497 ($997 value)

  • Top 5 Talents (online) Assessment
  • 1:1 Coaching Session for 50 min. (via ZOOM)
  • Strengths Finder eBook - a best seller, read around the world
  • Rock On Success 90-Day Printed Planner (160 Pages)
  • Membership and Participation in the Rock On Success Facebook Group
  • 3 reports:
    1. Strengths Theme Report: what your top 5 strengths say about you?
    2. Strengths insights
    3. Personalized Action Planning Guide


Get Ready to Rock Your Strength & Skyrocket Your Success

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  • Harvard Business Review's Negotiation tips to rock your next difficult conversation

About Your Instructor

Pat Roque

Pat Roque

Speaker, Author, Success Coach

Pat Roque is a global speaker, success coach and master connector who believes you deserve to rock your business and your life without selling your soul or losing your mind.  In fact, Pat's known as the "rock star transformation coach" because she helps others rock their strength, channel their best assets and share their gifts with the world. When Pat's around, there are no grass ceilings: She teaches folks how to leverage their talents to enhance individual performance and team engagement.

Here's what folks say about Pat's coaching and training:

"Pat helps us avoid verbal vomit: she teaches how to say just enough to get folks interested and then create a dialogue," John Corcoran

"Pat Roque delivered absolutely amazing content. More importantly, she really got to the heart and essence of WHY and HOW and WHAT TO DO to brand yourself. When you package yourself well you can give authentically and attract exactly what you deserve in return." Charlie Tao




Shatter the Glass Ceiling



Employee Engagement


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From Scott Weiss

I found the course really helpful. I did the strength assessment and was very surprised and encouraged by the results. Pat Roque, the coach who discussed the assessment with me was extremely good. ...

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Bonus Material


50 ROCKS: Life Lessons for Success On & Off the Golf Course

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Rock your business and your life. Enjoy this sneak peek at Pat's next book.


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Collaborate online with our tribe of high-achieving go-givers. Share tips, make referrals.

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Save time, money and aggravation as we share news, networking and business development tips, favorite new apps, and more

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